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Part 258: Flesh Man Obtained

Time for the most enthralling part of treasure buying: Working 50 different prices into what we'll actually end up offering. This time was extra fun because there was a nearly equal split between "offer normal treasure price for it" and "lowball the fucker."

So I go for a lowball, since I don't think we're that desperate to get this. We can always buy a more useful treasure if the Six Brothers say no.

But they apparently realize how useless the Flesh Man is too, since they say yes. And now that I can get back to the clan screens, I've edited a treasure list into the OP because of popular demand. I also made a list of which clans are in which tribes, because that's handy too. Man, I'm starting to regret not reserving the second post of the LP for all this stuff. (I could edit it into the first actual update, but that offends my sense of tidiness)

With this, we finally know the last of Issaries' blessings. Market improves the profit of our market, which is quite handy since we're accumulating so many trade routes.

Thank you for the PSA, Barngradus. I'm sure this will make everyone less bloodthirsty.

Rostakos of the Hillhaven clan has come knocking on our door looking for a magical handout, and reminds us that we owe them a favor.

-Give him nothing.
-Give him less than the customary amount.
-Give him more than the customary amount.
-Offer him gifts instead.
-"Dude, we have zero magic right now."

Our herds are large. We should give cows instead of magic.
We can better afford to give them trade goods.
Our clan magic is already weak; we can't afford to help them at all.