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Part 260: Crushing our Foes

This didn't seem to use up any extra food, either!

Now, what to do with 34 weaponthanes...

...oh, right.

Haha, the Vostangi were so scared they actually tried to run away. On their own tula. Also, the Wolves are hindering our charge to victory.

But Varmand more than makes up for them.

We killed or injured every single Vostangi defender. Feels good.

What's that, Harvar? We have another chance to get a big fat paycheck from ransoming people, you say?


Maybe we can use our newfound wealth to remember that diplomacy(read: giving gifts to other clans) exists.

Trade routes can die for a variety of reasons. It might be time to enlarge our Issaries shrine so we can hold on to more of them.

Looks like it's also time to enlarge the pastures again. Maybe the clear-cutting of forests will attract the elves for once.

It may or may not be worth a turn to learn a blessing to avert the omen's minor fate. Hunters provide 2 food per hunter, and we have 24 of them, so they are chipping in 48 bushels of food each year.

What are our goals for this year?