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Part 261: Harvar the Trader

Our goals for this year are crushing our enemies and making friends with everyone else. Also trade.

Our clan is...happy? How can this be? We're always being ground into paste by cthulus and zombies and other clans! (our clan is probably happy for a change BECAUSE we haven't gotten any of those automatic mood-tanking zombie/cthulu events lately)


The people are up in arms over a bad trade deal struck by one of the ring members, Harvar. He traded away 24 cows worth of swords for a tapestry worth five cows at most. "He is always making bad deals, and this one is the worst. It's as if Harvar is only interested in showing others how wealthy we are. He does not realize that if we let him keep making deals for us, we will stop being wealthy!"

-Forbid Harvar to make any more trade deals.
-"It is good to show others how wealthy we are."
-Scold Harvar before the others.
-Scold the people for embarassing a ring member.
-Take no action.
-"This bad deal will be balanced by future good deals."

Harvar has many good qualities. We must find something else for him to do. (You'd think that being war leader would be job enough, but noooo. What happened to the Harvar that was willing to patrol the tula all by his lonesome, in the snow, while everyone else feasted?)
Harvar is generous, and everyone knows that generosity is an Orlanthi virtue. That does not mean that we should act like Emperors, and scold the people for voicing their complaints.
They're upset now, but wait till they hear the poems celebrating our generosity! (Curiously, he's not recommending "it's good to show others how wealthy we are", but rather to take no action at all.)
We can afford to be generous. The people are complaining for no good reason.
Harvar really does make bad deals.
Trade with outsiders is the exclusive purview of the clan ring.
Our own people plot against us!