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Part 262: Kardarvi Feud-Ending

I wonder how many swords 24 cows worth of swords is, anyway. I'm imagining Harvar filling a wagon full of swords to trade for a tapestry.

I send Koreng away in the hopes of finally ending that feud with the clan at the ass-end of Dragon Pass.

And now we can beat the Vostangi into the ground!

Harvar's doing poorly? This doesn't bode well. But our unfortunately-named Chalana Arroyian can help!

The kid might not be so bad after all.

Duly noted. Also, I got a chance to see that Harvar is injured now - Loricon's healing magics helped save his life, but they didn't fix everything.

Koreng has presented your gifts to the Kardarvi clan, and extended an offer of peace. The Kardarvi accept your gifts, and give them grudging praise. Arene, their chief, is reserved. Farad, the clan trader, seems receptive. Baranwolf, on the other hand, clearly imagines himself striking you down on the field of battle.

-Arrange for a noble male of your clan to marry a noble girl of theirs, and vice-versa.
-Offer them wealth. (How much?)
-Offer to lend support to a ritual of their choice.
-Offer them a treasure. (Which one?)
-Offer to sponsor them for membership in your tribe.

The bond of marriage is the best way to seal an agreement between clans.