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Part 263: Wolf Wergild

Penguingo posted:

Is this the guy we refused to let join our clan? Or have we not had that event yet? Am I being a dragonnewt
You're a dragonnewt now. I'm sorry for your loss.

Wealth solves every problem! (The flesh man and marriage both surged ahead in votes while I was making this update, but since I'm not a dragonewt like some people, oh well)

What an adorable little cattle raid they tried to pull off. Also, I guess this confirms that outer patrols are for cattle raids. Good to know, even though I always have equal numbers on inner/outer patrol anyway.

Considering the small numbers involved in both sides' cattle raid teams, this was fairly bloody.

With such a small number of captives, I just enthrall the bastards. Hopefully this will appease the "MORE THRALLS" faction without pissing off the "MORE WEALTH" faction.

Brandgor, a thane of the Wolf clan, sweeps into your clan hall, four grim warriors at his side. Last season, his nephew, Hend Aslandarsson, was killed by Orlmar Half-Foot, a member of your clan. Brandgor demands 30 cows as compensation for his kinsman's death.

-"Nobody from the Stormrider clan killed Hend!"
-Pay 10 cows.
-Pay 20 cows.
-Pay 30 cows.
-Refuse to pay.

They are our allies. We should pay their claim.
A young warrior of his rank is due a wergild of 20 cows. However, Orlmar and his brother suffered compensating injuries in the incident, worth about ten cows. (That means Brandgor wants us to pay 10 cows, for those who are both bad at math and at telling all these names apart)
(is still out of comission from the Vostang raid)
30 cows would feed 4 families.
They would probably settle for less.
They have more warriors than we do, and we would have difficulty if they raided.