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Part 264: Illator Returns

Arglebargle III posted:

Also stop sending half-assed raids. What's the point of having a zillion thanes if they're all lounging around the tula during a battle?
Good thing I took this screenshot, even though I didn't originally use it! Do I need to include the "set up for your raid" screen every single time to show exactly how many of our people the game's letting me send, so that I don't get blamed for not sending 500 footmen and 100 weaponthanes? Although I personally suspect you forgot that I sent several of our weaponthanes along with Koreng so that he didn't get sent home by bandits, and got alarmed when you didn't see numbers as big as you thought they'd be. Either that or you want me to send so many of our warriors that our tula is practically undefended, causing us to lose as much wealth from opportunistic cattle raids as we'd gain from grinding the Vostangi into a fine paste.

Problem solved, albeit uneventfully.

Now let's continue grinding the Vostangi into a fine paste!

No captives, but we got a bunch of loot anyway.

Goddamn we have a lot of everything. Time to start spreading the wealth in our tribe.

The Tarshite noble Illator is back, bearing payment for your contribution to the Battle of Falling Hills. Unfortunately, he deceived you! Instead of the cows he's promised, he's brought chest after chest of small silver coins bearing the face of a beardless tyrant. Many members of the clan looks crestfallen; they distinctly remember his promise to give us cows.

-Grudgingly accept the wealth.
-Hold Illator hostage; have his men get the cows.
-Kill Illator and send his head back to King Arim.
-Ask him instead to sacrifice to strengthen your clan magic.
-Send Illator back to Tarsh to get cows.

Arim is far away, but he is a great king. He won't take kindly to our killing Illator or holding him hostage.
Although the Tarshites are foreigners, they are also Orlanthi. Precedent suggests we give them the benefit of the doubt. (That means taking their coins instead of making them bring cows.)
Normally, we'd be able to request that his clan help us in battle, but Tarsh is too distant to arrange that. But they can supply magic we can use in a fight.
Cows. Illator promised us cows. So cows we must get. (And she wants cows badly enough to hold him hostage!)
These coins are valuable despite their origin, and they are offering a staggering number of them. Take the coins!
Orlanth saw Ernalda prisoner in the Emperor's palace. He stormed the palace, killing all defenders. (This doesn't translate into a recommendation for any of the options. Barngradus just felt like telling us a story. That's all.)
Honor is one of the most important virtues. We should give Illator the chance to make good on his word.