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Part 265: That Darned Horse Feud

AtomikKrab posted:

Voting for Save scum and show off ALL THE OPTIONS
I've never been dumb enough to try killing him or holding him hostage, so I was more than happy to see what breathtaking hilarity resulted from this.


Even when we are wronged, we have a good sense of humor. Sadly, it seems that further consequences from these choices will require seperate events, and I don't feel like waiting multiple seasons for Tarsh to murder us.



Magic? MAGIC!

We got a whopping 4 magic from this. And no, you don't get the silver AND the magic.

Sending Illator back to Tarsh to bring cows just results in you getting a bunch of shitty, sickly cows.

But now for our real choice: WEALTH!

Okay, it's not over 1000 goods, but 529 goods is still a metric fucking fuckload of wealth to have.

We made the Six Brothers like us more AND they wrote off the favor we owed them! Awesome!

Sarotar the Unlucky(jesus christ, he's 71 years old. How did he get to be this old when he's always having flaming arrows in his gut and Horse-Spawn burning down fortifications around him?) gets to explore north because apparently we can trade food to the trolls or something.

Young boys of the Wolf clan, not even men yet, come to your tula and attack another young boy with a sword. Fortunately, the victim's mother, Domasa Glendarasdaughter, is able to seperate the boys before any real harm can be done. It turns out that the Wolf boys are the sons of Norpent Rangardasson, who was slain by Domasa and her late brother Brodasart when they recovered the stolen stallion Tempest from Rangarda Dark-Eyes. The boys seek vengeance in their father's name, even they are too young to have a right to it. [sic]

-Convince the boys to renounce vengeance.
-Kill the boys.
-Let them go.
-Ransom the boys to the Wolf clan.
-Take them back to their clan.

We must not let this old feud further worsen relations with the Wolves. (This means "take them back to their clan.")
They are not men, and are not yet accountable for their actions.
King Oskul was slain not in a glorious battle, like the ones he fought against Bad King Urgrain, but was killed by a rock-throwing boy, in a feud he swore to the end. (Harvar is pulling a Barngradus and telling us stories without actually recommending anything.)
Domasa married into the Wolves a while back, but her husband divorced her, fearing that she would become as vengeful as her mother, Glendara, So Domasa lives with us again, even though she is expecting a child. (No recommendations here either, just backstory)
The proper ransom for these boys would be five cows each, but I think I can get more.
If another generation takes it up, this feud will never end, or so say the carls. They will be unhappy if we do nothing to stop it.
This is not the first time this old feud has caused tensions between our two clans.