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by Haifisch

Part 266: Warrior Palsy

Surely this time the event chain is over for good.

We're already swimming in cows and food, but this disappoints me anyway.

I finally take care of that pesky omen. Sureshot increases the amount of food our hunters bring us, although I'm not sure by how much.

A strange malady grips several of your weaponthanes. Each is suddenly stricken with a fit of palsy, causing them to drop their swords or other heavy items. The fits arrive with no warning, and last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Some of the weaponthanes think that they are brought on by strenuous exercise; the malady most often strikes those sparring on your clan's training ground.

-Conduct a divination.
-Propitiate Malia.
-Sacrifice to Chalana Arroy.
-Send for shamans.
-Wait for the illness to pass.

At first everyone ignored Malia, but the more they ignored her, the worse their affliction got.
Malia is a chaos god. It would be a grave offense to propitiate her.
We must find who did this to us, so we can raid them!
Shamans are sometimes hard to find.
Shamans are sometimes hard to find, but their services will cost us less than a sacrifice to Chalana Arroy, who is the busiest of goddesses.
Find Shamans, or sacrifice to Chalana Arroy.
Conduct a divination to see who did this, then sacrifice fifteen cows to Chalana Arroy.