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Part 268: The Duelist 1

Storm Season comes, and I get Shield, the last of Elmal's blessings. Shield reduces the number of deaths and wounds among our weaponthanes, which is considerably more useful than Horsefriend making our horses live longer. Now we're ready to upgrade our Elmal temple into a great temple!

A bold young warrior named Hendrick seeks a duel with a champion of your clan. "Rumor has it that the Stormrider clan is home to many skillful warriors. I have come all the way from the Holy Country in search of worthy opponents, for in my homeland none can match me. Are your warriors as brave as they say?"

-Allow the duel, but only to first blood.
-Allow the duel, but with battle magic disallowed.
-Allow the duel, if he wagers something valuable.
-Allow the duel.
-Refuse to permit the duel.

He is of one of the clans who spit in the Pharaoh's face at the Conference of Karse.
Nothing he has said so far forces us to accept his challenge. But if we refuse him, he can tarnish our honor with a few hot words. (Brandgor supports the duel to first blood only.)
He is good, but not as good as I. Let me take his challenge. (Harvar doesn't even want any shiny baubles or rule restrictions on the duel. He just wants to fight someone.)
I have nothing to add.
If he has been traveling through Dragon Pass making challenges like this, he has surely gathered treasures, ones worth wagering for.
We are obligated to fight him.
Let our powerful clan magic even the odds against this hot warrior. (Why Elmalandti, I never knew. I know what he means, but let me make jokes sometimes okay.)