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Part 270: Derik

CaptainPsyko posted:

Also, pretty sure this falls under the category of "Judgement Calls Haifisch should make without voting."
With something like this, it's easy enough to hold a short vote instead of risking goon ire by losing A useless TREASURE or OUR WEALTH if things go south. I would have gone for goods on my own, but a few people voting for the "wager" option before mentioned the flesh man, so better safe than sorry. (not that this ended up mattering)

Anyway, silver it is!

Godspeed, Harvar. Hopefully goons were right to trust in you.

Adding to the tension is the fact that the game doesn't display the results immediately. Hopefully Elmalandti is appreciating the swordsplay of his hot warrior.

...? This also brought us down to zero magic. The Bit that Bound Vivamort is described in-game as "repels the forces of Chaos", which is definitely a very good thing to have.

We shall finally have a great temple to Elmal. Brandgor provides a temple-related story to us for no apparent reason.

And then we get ANOTHER of the long-term event chains. Lucky us!

Derik, a young boy of your clan, is the only of his family to return from a visit to his mother's kinfolk among the Wolves. On their return, they were attacked by Sable Riders, nomads from the eastern desert of Prax. They mercilessly slew everyone, and would have killed Derik if he hadn't played dead. Deriik swears that, when he grows up, he will avenge himself on the evil nomads of Prax.

-Comfort Derik.
-Compose a poem in honor of the slain.
-Conduct a divination.
-Sacrifice to the gods for protection from Praxians.
-Send a war party to kill Sable Riders.

The people are disheartened. We must do something to cheer them up. We shoudl try a poem, for a failed poem doesn't carry the consequences of a failed raid.
The Praxians, led by death's champion, Jaldon Goldentooth, helped start the Dragonkill War. Jaldon brought 100,000 warriors from Prax to destroy the dragonewt nesting places. (This history lesson does not translate to a recommendation on Brandgor's part.)
Send Harvar and six weaponthanes to kill Sable Riders. (Harvar, what have we told you about talking in the third person? )
The people are disheartened. We must do something to cheer them up.
Derik will achieve his vengeance, and become a great hero in doing so. (Although Jarolor seems to be able to see the future, he's advising a divination anyway)
We should sacrifice.
It is a bad time to sacrifice, or conduct a divination.