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Part 271: The King Is Dead 1

Harvar, 6 weaponthanes, GO.

We got 6 goods from that. Doesn't mean as much when we have hilarious piles of silver, but hey, wealth. And dead sable riders.

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

But before we can deal with royal stuff, these fuckers show up.

Elmalandti, why is this even a question? Also, how goddamned old was your uncle when you're 67 yourself?

Dammit, old man!

I'm blaming you for this, Elmalandti! Get a shaman to look at your magic dysfunction already. There's no shame in it, sometimes an old man can't whip out the war winds like he used to without a little help.

The old king is dead, so the tribal moot has convened an emergency session to select a new ruler. Once chosen, the king will have to successfully complete the magical rites of kingship in order to take the throne. Support among the other clans seems to be buiding among two candidates: Aski of the Six Brothers, and Enjossi, of the Squat Oaks. Aski has a reputation for ferocity. Enjossi is famed for his accomplishments as a poet.

-Nominate a member of your clan. (Note: If we succeed with an old noble on this, they'll die before the end of the game & we'll probably have to wait a while before getting a king that can get us that far. Also, Penterest isn't even allowed to try for kingship according to what my savestate cheating revealed. If we don't get the kingship this time, the next king will die in ~5 years just like this one did, so don't panic.)
-Say nothing until a candidate is chosen.
-Support Aski early.
-Support Enjossi early.
-Support the candidate who is most generous to you.
-Wait, then throw support to whomever seems poised to win.

We deserve the throne.
We cannot support a candidate with character flaws as well-known as Aski's.
Aski has made his clan strong. He will do the same for our tribe.
We are quite well-off; we can prove our worth if we wish to claim the throne.
We can gain many cows if we play the king game well.
When Heort was made king, the dead plants lived again, for one day.
If the winner credits us with his victory, we will gain important favors. (This means "wait until we can pick the guy who's likely to win")