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Part 272: The King Is Dead 2

We got 46 goods from this. Try harder, you guys! We need enough silver to eclipse the sun!

Blah blah kingship rites blah blah king might be devoured by angry spirits if it goes wrong blah blah.

-Strengthen relations with other clans by entertaining influencial thanes from them.
-Cheer up our own clan(who doesn't really need this) by entertaining members of it who have served our interests well.
-Lend our nonexistant magic to Aski.
-Sacrifice to the gods to help Aski.
-Use our nonexistant stockpile of magic to hinder Aski for no apparent reason.
-Whatever the chaos cultist Haifisch thinks is best, now and in future kingship rites that don't involve our own nobles, so that we can get on with it already.

Most of the advice is boring and always the same for this, so here are the storytime instead:
Uvuli Urgrainsdottir used magic to prevent her husband from doing what her beloved brother could not. (That's bad, in case you missed the Urgrain part of her name)
It is easier for kings who inherit the rites than for the one who invents them.