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Part 274: Thedart Returns

The entires so far are amazing! Keep'em up!

sgt turtle posted:

how many sheep do we even have at this point? it seems like we've been losing sheep every year for like the last 10-15 years.
As people pointed out a while ago, and I confirmed for myself, the sheep gain/loss at Sacred Time is a filthy, filthy liar. From what I can tell, it subtracts sheep at the end of the year, then gives you the sheep report at Sacred Time, and then your sheep herds grow.

In other words, despite the game claiming we've been losing sheep every year, we've actually been GAINING sheep every year. This year might have looked worse than normal because shrines deduct sheep from you when they're first built along with the normal deduction at sacred time, and we built some big, expensive temples last year.

Vaga42Bond posted:

As for this year, you're probably already doing this, but make sure we're maxed out on crafters, and that they're working on the special materials.
Every time I've checked, we've had more crafters than the maximum. As in, if I go to the crafters screen, the max allowed is 10-20 below what we actually have(although it doesn't actually get rid of the extras unless you're stupid enough to commit to any changes on that screen). And yes, our crafters are working the special materials.

Heroism gets sacrificed for Quest magic this year because, after what one goon said about Peneterest's stats this year, and me comparing the young nobles now and when I last posted all their stats, I realized Heroism magic has been doing jack shit for them. I guess what someone else said was true and it only affects ring nobles. (which was still somewhat worthwhile since Jarolor and Barngradus will be sticking around for a while, but we need Quest magic more right now)

We're nowhere near ready to be kings, so I went with the guy famed for his accomplishments as a farmer because King Farmer sounds hilarious & we don't need another day of voting over this. (And you do get goods from backing someone early; in fact, it's almost as many as if you courted the most generous candidate)

Sarotar the Unlucky is finally dead. May his ever-blonde beard guide him to Elmal's stead.

Doot dee doot spitting in the face of the omens by being generous and impressing people with it doot dee doot.

And now I build the last fortification. Any future Sacred Time votes for more defenses will result in me secretly snickering at you.

Varmand gets to explore the untamed wilds that may or may not have trolls and/or Tusk Riders in it. Lucky him!

Speaking of Tusk Riders!

A man who looks like a Tusk Rider comes to your tula, as if expecting a welcome. The man claims to be Thedart, the explorer of your clan who was taken by the Tusk Riders and presumed dead. He says that he was tortured by the Tusk Riders, and left to die of exposure on an altar to their terrible god. But the god spared his life, changing his face so he looked like a Tusk Rider. "Their god meant it as a grim joke, but you are my clan-mates, and I know that you will accept me, even though I am disfigured."

-Allow him to return.
-Attack him.
-Convince the people that he should be allowed to return.
-Send him away.
-"You may return, but we will be watching you."

The people are worried that it is not Thedart, but some kind of monster. We must either reject him, or allay their fears.
If this is Thedart, we are still permitted to outlaw him. We would not be the first clan to outlaw a person without just cause.
A Chaos creature slew King Heort's holder of regalia and thus gained entry to Heort's encampent, almost killing our great lord. (That means "attack him")
We must be thoughtful, and not act on our feelings alone.
I am certain that this is Thedart, and that he remains a good Orlanthi. He will not harm us.
I think he is really Thedart. (But he thinks we should go "come back, but we'll be watching you" anyway)
Who knows what terrible magics the Tusk Rider god is capable of? (That means "send him away")