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Part 275: Shamans Return

I love votes so lopsided that I don't have to count anything.

I like the detail of how going "he's not dead until we see a body" in the previous event leads to a better result in this one.

Time for crushings.

Crushings imminent. Seriously, look at those numbers.

How did we not manage crushings here? I do not understand.

Perhaps we can accomplish crushings now?

Horray! I took the captives as thralls because why not.

Didn't I just end the feud with these guys? What's their problem? We've literally never done anything to them except respond to their raids & send a peace delegation down.

On one hand, she could quickly heal Harvar. On the other hand, she can call on the dark side of the earth. I remember someone earlier talking about options for this combat even & saying that this is basically an instant raid win, and it involves calling on the dark side of the earth, so the choice is obvious.

That someone earlier was a filthy fucking liar.

The good news is that Harvar's alive, just wounded.

I sacrifice to heal up our huge pile of wounded people because we need Harvar back up and running by heroquest time anyway, and nobles seem to get priority healing.

Didn't I send a bunch of weaponthanes with you? And you have renowned combat! Why can't you defeat magical bandits already?

Shamans return to your tula. "You are prosperous now. You may not know this, but it is partly our doing. You treated us politely, and we told the spirits hereabouts not to disturb you. We told some of them of your generosity, and the great deeds of your ancestors. The life of a shaman is a hard one, and..." The shaman's voice trails off expectantly.

-Give them a share of your clan magic.
-Give them a treasure. (I'd ask which one, but anyone who's not voting this as a comedy chaos cultist option probably is going to go with the useless Flesh Man anyway)
-Give them hospitality and send them on their way.
-Give them wealth. (How many goods/cows?)
-"Our struggle has been hard. We saw no spirits aid us."

King Urgrain's lands were prosperous for a week. Then shamans came and took credit, and he beheaded them. That was the beginning of the end for Bad King Urgrain. (That means "anything but complaining about our struggles or merely giving them hospitality")
They are Strangers, not Foreigners. We can expect them to respect our laws of hospitality.
What better object for our generosity than the spirits? (Harvar is extra generous and wants to give them a treasure, not just simple wealth.)
Share our wealth, not our treasures.
We can afford to spare a treasure.
Our crops are plentiful because the carls break their backs to plant and weed and harvest them. I see no spirits laboring on our behalf.
Maybe they helped us, maybe they didn't. But they can definitely harm us if we offend them.