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Part 276: Tavern Trouble

We got 5 magic from this, so they weren't entirely bullshitting!

While I was mulling around our clan screens, I noticed that Sureshot was active. What the hell? I never sacrificed for that! Not that I'm complaining, but how did this happen? (unless it's a hidden bonus for fulfilling the "learn one of Odayla's blessings" omen)

Anyway, I send this random guy up to the northwest in hopes of finding interesting things.

I also notice that a new noble has sprung up, and it's another woman, helpfully preventing a near-full sausagefest of nobles. Sadly, she is completely non-notable other than her Animals skill & the her possesion of ovaries. Although she's already third best in the clan at Animals, making her a good replacement for Dorasa once she kicks the bucket. Second best is another Barntar worshipper, and who wants two of them on the ring?

I spend the second half of Earth sacrificing for Pathfinder, so that our explorers hopefully stop getting maimed by bandits.

Angry women of the clan burn down a building. It is the tavern that the Squat Oaks were allowed to place beside your market during tribal negotiations. The women complain that the Squat Oaks tavern-keepers were taking wealth that should stay within the clan, and that they were getting the men too drunk to fulfill their marital obligations at night. They say that if the Squat Oaks rebuild their tavern, they will burn it again.

-Compensate the Squat Oaks.
-Praise the women.
-Rebuild the tavern for the Squat Oaks.
-Scold the women.
-Tell the Squat Oaks you will not allow a new tavern.

Our relations with the Squat Oaks are good. In time, they will forget this unfortunate event. (This means praise the women. Or scold them. Jorator just wants to interact with them SOMEHOW.)
The right of the Squat Oaks to operate taverns in other clan's tulas is part of our tribe's terms of confederation. But it's not unheard of for clans to renegotiate the terms at the tribal moot.
The Squat Oaks mean to soften our swords.
The right of the Squat Oaks to operate taverns in other clan's tulas is part of our tribe's terms of confederation. We are obligated to rebuild it for them.
It will be cheaper to build a new tavern ourselves than pay the Squat Oaks.
The Squat Oaks consider the tavern a sacred right, and will be offended if we haggle over the terms of compensation. (Why the fuck don't WE consider taverns sacred? That's awesome! Also, Barngradus wants to compensate them, but apparently just doesn't want us to haggle about it.)
The Evil Dragon Empire seduced Orlanthi with taverns. We must be very, very careful.