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Part 277: Prince of Masks

There's no additional dialog for rebuilding the tavern. What a wasted opportunity to see the women get pissed when we use clan resources to rebuild what they just destroyed.

And now, because of popular demand, Dorasa is getting the boot for some young blood. Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll turn out Dorasa was the chaos cultist.

Sadratha, one of the explorers you send to the far northeast, reports back. "We found a land called Tarsh. They are a little different from us, but still know the laws and stories of the gods. While there, we were approached by an odd and dandyish fellow who called himself the Prince of Masks. He said that if we gave him silver and gems worth fifty cows, that he would visit a magical catastrophe upon any clan in Dragon Pass we may choose."

-Agree to his proposal. (What clan do we nuke?)
-Bargain with him.
-Forget the incident.
-Send a party to attack him.
-Tell another clan about him. (which clan?)

We should curry favor with another clan by telling them of this opportunity to harass their foes. But we must choose a clan which regards us favorably, or they will take it wrongly.
Hiring foreign magicians to vex one's foes is not illegal, but I can't think of any great kings or heroes who would have done such a thing.
Hire him to curse one of our enemies!
It is good to take vengeance. (I think she's going to fit right in here. )
He is a haughty fellow, and will be offended if we try to bargain with him - so offended that he will refuse to deal with us at all.
We have been cut off from the lands to the north for centuries. There is no telling what strange magic might be known up there.
He hasn't told us exactly what he would do to our enemies. His offer is too vague, and we have no assurances that his magic even works.