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Part 278: Barngradus Buys A Book

Pfft, nothing went wrong here. What were we worrying about with the whole "basically Eurmal" thing?

Lawspeaker is a super useful blessing. It aids in legal cases, but more importantly, it ensures that clan mood isn't soured by unresolved disputes.

Traders from the Brown Boar clan arrive with a huge, mouldering, moth-eaten book. They claim that someone in your clan has agreed to purchase it. There is some confusion over who this might be, until Barngradus steps forward and claims the book. "This book has all sorts of information in it, dating all the way back to the Empire of Wyrm's Friends. It has many poems and stories, all of great usefulness. They are selling it to us for a mere 80 cows."

-Allow the purchase.
-Allow the purchase; encourage the Brown Boars to make a reciprocal gift.
-Call off the purchase.
-Take the book by force.
-Try to negotiate the price.

They dislike us already; if we offend them, it will make things worse.
A request for a reciprocal gift allows them to decrease the asking price without feeling that we renege on our promises.
They are weak. Let's just take it.
Ancient stories have power, for they tell us what to expect when we enter the realm of the gods.
A fair price would be fourty cows.
From the book, we can learn the secrets of Poetry. It also might contain powerful myths of the gods that we do not know.
It is not wise to cross the Brown Boars; they are known to employ shamans to curse their enemies.