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Part 279: Penterest Questing

How convenient! This gave us the secrets to the quest we were about to do! Not that goons really need them, since we've done it successfully before & I'll just be fast-forwarding through the correct choices, but knowing secrets about quests gives you better luck in them.

Now let's quest! You'll notice that there's a bunch of new rewards for this quest now that we're in a tribe, but our most pressing interest is strengthening Penterest so he can become king someday.

I think it's a nice touch that the "we hope he'll succeed anyway" text changes when sending a devotee of your main god along.

Success is had! But seeing Penterest's new stats will have to wait, because it's Sacred Time!

Looks like we get to take another trip to Tarsh this year! I'm impressed at how quickly we burned through the excess wealth we got from King Mustache for taking part in the battle of Holy Shit Those Guys Can Drop Hills On People.

What are our goals for this year?