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Part 280: Telmori

Exploring, raiding, a bit of trading. Ho-hum.

What a great tragedy to start the year! Now what will the Elmalandti is always right faction vote for in every event? Now how can we joke about Jorator being a chaos cultist? Our clan is torn asunder!

But we cannot let our grief grind the clan to a halt. First, we must find a chief so that...

A clan without a chief is like a duck without web-feet.

Thank you for your wisdom, Tarkala. I just had to include that when I noticed that she says that. Anyway, say hello to our new chief!

Penterest has been groomed to be chief, and eventually king. He is not the greatest leader in our clan yet - he ranks third, behind Harvar and the person mentioned next. However, putting him on the ring will allow him to benefit from heroism magic, and make sure our annual magic doesn't get penalized for not having an Elmali as chief. For those wondering how much stronger the quest made him, here are his previous stats. He went up a rank in Leadership and Combat, and probably had some third stat bumped up but not enough to be a visible change.

And since I'm sure someone will wonder who the best leader in the clan was:

Minara is old and ugly, but she's the best leader in our clan for some reason. She's actually had higher leadership than Jorator since pretty much forever, somehow. Normally the clan starts whining if your chief doesn't have the highest leadership in the clan, but we managed to avoid that. Perhaps our luck will continue! Putting her on the ring would also require booting Tarkala off, which is a shame. Minara will probably be dead in a few years, so no worries either way.

As for Elmalandti's seat: Harvar is now the second best magician in the clan, but the absolute best is an old Ernalda worshipper, and we already have enough of those jostling for seats on the ring that they'll vacate 5 years later when they die. So who am I going to shove in this spot?

Loricon had a heroquest shoved into him to boost his magic, he doesn't worship a god already on the ring, and he's decently well-rounded in general. The only downside is that he has a very unfortunate name.

And now, onward to clan business.

Venharl, thane of the Taraling clan, plains a raid against Telmori wolf-folk, and wants you to contribute a war party to his effort. "Maybe you don't know much about these wolf-people, but here is your chance to learn," he says. "Everyone knows that the Telmori are sadistic servants of Chaos, and also that they have much loot from caravans they have raided," Venharl says. "This is a fine opportunity for heroic action."

-Accept his invitation.
-Decline his invitation.
-Decline his invitation; make peace with the Telmori.
-Offer to make peace between the Taralins and Telmori.
-"We will go with you, but your clan will owe us a favor."

If we could make peace between the Taralings and the Telmori, all of the clans in Dragon Pass would see us as leaders.
The Telmori are a cursed and savage people, who turn into wolves one day a week, whether they want to or not. They live like nomands and steal sheep and cattle from honest herdmen.
The warriors are spoiling for a fight.
The Telmori are notorious for stealing livestock. They are a threat to our way of life.
I know of this Venharl. He is hungry for loot.
I am no friend of the wolf people, but this is the time to sow our crops.
The Telmori are but a distraction from our real foe - zombies!