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Part 281: Squatters

Man, if I'd known half the people were going to be this vague about what their "make peace" votes meant, I wouldn't have gone to bed immediately after posting the update. Luckily there were enough specific people that I could figure out a popular goon option anyway.

Jarolor gets to lead the bargaining party, and we're off!

Slowly but surely, we are changing our traditions of being complete fuckups.

I have the feeling that Loricon is going to be very fun.

And then while glancing at the trading screen:

Brandgor, know we know what's over there, right?

"One hand washes the other."

You be quiet too.

Minara gets to take an all-expenses-paid trip to Tarsh. Either she'll die and we'll cheer, or she'll live but we'll fulfill the omen. Everyone wins!

Fire season! Time for raiding!

Jesus, not even Harvar is this insistant about guarding against the undead.

Anyway, time to beat up the Vostangi.

And beat them up we did.

Then the Blue Jays deliver some blood for our crops. How nice of them.

They didn't trust in Harvar's leadership? He's a Renowned leader and has enough combat skill to drive off foes with a rusty fork. Our weaponthanes are idiots.

Oh, for the love of fuck. Wait, why the hell are you giving us this news, Dorasa? We kicked you off the ring!

A new clan arrives in the area and claims part of your land. Like you, they left their homes in Heortland because they cannot bear the tyrannical rule of the Pharaoh. "You have claimed more land than you need, and we have more need than land," says their chieftain. "Surely, as good Orlanthi, you will allow us to live here."

This event is kind of silly when you realize just how much unclaimed land there is in Dragon Pass. Most of it isn't in places crawling with zombies/trolls/Tusk Riders, even!

-Drive them off by force.
-Hold a feast for them, then ask them to go.
-Give them some of your lands, if they agree to an alliance.
-Offer to adopt them into your clan.
-Persuade them to leave.

If we give them land, we are assured their gratitude. It would be good to have a proven ally as a neighbor.
There are too many of them to turn into thralls, so I say drive the lawless scum away!
I'm not saying we should drive them off. But if we want to, we can crush the dirty jinxes with little trouble.
We may have much land, but we are far from wealthy. They must leave us to grow into our claim.
They will be more tractable when we get some hot food into them.
There are too many weaponthanes among this ragged clan. Our carls will complain if they have to support even more people who grow nothing.
No Orlanthi owes anything to any other Orlanthi... (I'm starting to question if Loricon is really a Chalana Arroy worshipper, because damn, bro. Also, his cryptic statement isn't actually recommending any options.)