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Part 282: Black Horse Troop 1

They brought int 200 cattle, 20 goods, 140 food, 279 people, and 10 weaponthanes. Not really a great deal(they brought more people than cattle and goods combined), but you guys are the bosses.

As for the new nobles we got?

Ashart isn't as good of a bargainer as Jarolor, but he's better than our rising star Koreng. He also reminds me of a used car salesman.

Oranda is decent at combat, but that's about it.

On the bright side, all the extra population let me hire more crafters. It also gave us an extra point of trade production to allocate.

Dammit Minara. But we did fulfill the omen for the year, so we can turn our attention to other areas, at least.

Like exploring north to see the fabled trolls that will trade with us.

The Six Brothers come seeking our magic in exchange for owing us a favor. I oblige since they're our tribe mates and it's always a good idea to have people who smash chaos indebted to you. (I'm also getting sick of holding votes on every single "we're collecting on a favor/asking for stuff in exchange for a favor. Give less than/exactly/more than the customary amount of stuff?" event.)

I explore the tula some more and finally get something to show for it.

I bump up the amount of farmland and pasture some more since Barngradus says we can handle it, and maybe we can finally piss off the elves enough for them to do something.

Your explorers return to report an encounter with very strange foreigners. The foreigners wore odd clothes and spoke in a peculiar way. They were warriors, and showed no fear when they met our explorers. They identified themselves as the Black Horse Troop, and said they served a hero named Sir Ethilrist. The strangest thing about them, though, was their horses. Examined up close, these weren't horses at all, but grotesque and monstrous beasts - possibly things of chaos!

-Invite them to your tula.
-Leave well enough alone.
-Make war on them.
-See if they wish to trade treasure.
-Warn other clans about them.

Although we could stand to improve our relations with our neighbors, they may be skeptical of our warnings.
We owe these foreigners nothing.
He who chases the wolf before it howls feels its bite. (That means "leave them alone")
If they are powerful foreigners, they may have treasures the likes of which we've never seen!
No foreigner can withstand the onslaught of Orlanthi warriors, true-hearted and pure.
Save our strength for fighting zombies.