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Part 283: Black Horse Troop 2

Doing the treasure trade lets me notice that the book Barngradus bought is actually a treasure, called the Moldy Book. It helps us compose poetry. That gem our explorers found is also a treasure, called the Fear Spirits, which can be released to cause our enemies to flee in battle.

But our most useless treasure is still the Flesh Man. We might be able to use the Fear Spirits once if we get into a hopeless battle, and even the Shimmering Cloak has its uses in boosting my "evade the hell out of everything and hope you get cows anyway" caught cattle raid survival strategy. Resurrection, on the other hand? That shit is so situational AND finicky that we'll probably never do it.

That's all the info the game gives us about these treasures. Enjoy deciding what magical geegaw we're gambling on, goons!

-The Bit - it's a bit of something!
-The Silver Lips - they're silver!