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Part 284: Broos?

Wilms the Noisy, a wandering holy warrior of Urox, has decided that the herds of Randalyar may be infected by chaotic broos. If he's right, the cattle certainly must be destroyed; otherwise, they'll breed monsters. If he's wrong, however, you'll be losing valuable cattle for no good reason.

-Destroy Randalyar's cattle.
-Persuade Wilms that he is mistaken.
-Question Wilms to see if you can trust his judgment.
-Send Wilms away.

Magic is only as reliable as the one who practices it.
Angering Storm Bulls is a good way to get into a fight.
If we push the Storm Bulls too far, we can expect an attack from a platoon of legendary berserkers. We could not survive such an attack.
"A kind word costs less than an apple."