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Part 285: Cow Beggars

We lost a whopping 9 cattle from this. We get twice as much from any given successful raid, so it's not really a big deal.

Now that I can actually see the clan screens, I can tell that the Silver Lips "help overcome reluctance." Between this and the Red Leather Mask, we can overcome an entire two things!

Our oxen shortage is actually larger than our farmer shortage, so I sacrifice to Barntar to get his second blessing, Plowsong. This lets our oxen work more productively. I switch his shrine over to that immediately.

Garnath sounds like a fun guy to party with.

Jarolor gets to go on a quick trade mission to rectify our cow problem.

Garrath, a thane of the Wildcat clan, comes begging us for a cow handout. He wants 30 of our precious cattle in exchange for owing us a favor, and prattles about how we know we can rely on him to repay the favor because we're in the same tribe and blah blah blah.

-Give him less than he wants. We need those cows!
-Give him what he wants. We're not jerks.
-Give him more than he asks for. We're generous!
-Offer food instead. We're overflowing with the stuff.
-Refuse him entirely. We're dedicated to being jerks, even to our own tribemates.

If we give him more than he asks, we will gain a reputation for generosity, which will help us politically.
Customarily, the obligation they will owe us is worth twenty cows.
Their warriors are few, and ill-equipped. We should curry the favor of the strong, and forget about these weaklings.
We can't afford to give away cows right now.
(is busy trading for more cows)
We have a lot of stored food. Let's see if he wants that instead.
If we are generous, it will be easier to bargain with them in the future.