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Part 286: Cows Aquired

The carls are happy about something. Savor this moment.

Now let's get even more cows!

Random hunter chick has made us proud!

No captives, but we crushed the Vostangi handily.

Jarolor's back with a huge pile of cattle. Considering that a horse is worth 4 cows, and I have no idea what the standard food:cow conversion is(but I know that it's multiple bushels of food for one cow), Jarolor got a very good deal here.

We had a very good year!

The omens aren't giving us much direction, we have no pressing needs, and it's not entirely safe to heroquest yet since it's only barely been a year since our last one(gotta love those Orlanth quests during Storm). So it's up to you guys to pick some goals for the year.

PS: Don't forget about the ongoing contest! We've seen some cool entries already, but we could always use more!