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Part 287: Angry Season

I hate you all for making me put magic into Children.

Tarsh: People are interested in it.

Aww. In the end, Dorasa was only pretending to be cranky.

In other news, Brandgor has sprouted a very impressive beard overnight. Such is the power granted to devotees of the Knowing God.

Here's an overview of the entire pass, since a few people wanted to know the political situation and what areas we've explored.

Now let's explore that mysterious area between Tarsh and the Stinking Forest.

Since we're having poor luck finding the fabled trading trolls, we'll trade with the troll bros clan instead.

Women from the Wolf clan come to urge you help them prosecute a feud against the Blue Jays. "The Blue Jays have done us grievous injury, refusing to pay just wergild. You have always been our friends," the women say. "Now we ask you to aid us in smiting these villains, who disgrace all of Dragon Pass with their wrongful actions."

-Offer to make peace between the feuding clans.
-Refuse them.
-Sacrifice to the gods to aid the Wolves.
-Send messengers to warn the Blue Jays.
-Send warriors to aid the Wolves.
-Tell them you need everyone to work in the fields. (Holy shit, there's actually an "it's planting season, dumbfucks" option for a change! I wish we had this in the 5000 other "help us attack people" events.)

The Blue Jays dislike us. We should use this chance to better our relations with them.
Although the Wolves are our friends, we are not obligated to help them.
We need not fear the anger of the weak and crawling rodents of the Blue Jay clan.
We can't sacrifice now. (I have no idea why she thinks we can't. Then again, she only has Fair magic...)
The hatred between the two clans is very strong. It will be very hard to make peace between them, but if we succeed, the rewards will be great.
The Wolves must really hate the Blue Jays to be raiding them during planting season!
It is always good to sacrifice to the gods, so long as you choose the right gods for the situation.