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Part 288: Vostang-Crushing

I am dissapointed that nobody voted to sacrifice to the god of dropping earthquakes on our foes, but what can you do? Humakt worked well enough anyway. We also lost two magic from this, but eh, we had a big surplus.

Now let's refill on cows by crushing the Vostangi.

Oranda impressed us with her archery skills last time. Let's see if she can do it again.


But that didn't stop us from winning. Kind of hard not to win when we outnumber them so much.

Looks like that area Minara explored counted as Tarsh.

Ashart was less successful on his mission, but oh well.

The Vostang crushing continues.

My reactions to this, in order, were: "Since when do Barntarites have combat events?", "Wait, Bastakos has Very Good combat skill? Where the hell did he get that from?", and "Barntarites don't have special combat options? That makes sense, but it's still lame."

Our own warriors seem to think he's boring too.

If only we had a certain net to help us take captives. If only.

How cute. They think they can win a raid against us with an entire three weaponthanes!

Our clan apparently has no middle ground between "take no captives" and "take shitloads of captives."

I continue to follow my policy of ransoming them whenever we'd get triple digit goods out of it. I'm surprised the Vostang still have this many goods left, but that's just proof that they're filthy cheaters and scum.

Then Uralda priestess show up and I give them 20 goods for greater cow fertility. Never say no to more cows.

I send Ashart out to see what treasure the Tree Brothers have to offer us. Whatever it is, we can more than afford to buy it!

The Vostangi have come to sue for peace. Do we:
-Take 25 cows and promise not to raid them for two years?
-Demand tribute(specify how much!) and promise not to raid them until they stop paying?
-Continue crushing them whenever we want to?

The Blue Jays are still around as an alternate raid target, but on the other hand, we have beaten the Vostangi into enough of a pulp that we can win consistantly.

Has vengeance really been satisfied?
We have no need to kill more Vostangi. (Why is that, Loricon? Is it so we have time to kill zombies instead? HMMM?)