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Part 292: Enthralled Clanmates

BryanChavez posted:

We're theists with elements of animism, but we're not true animists. This rock thing is a step too far. Soon they'll start riding bison. We can't have that.
Don't forget, we have a spirit rock of our own. We give it sacrifices every year, and it even has a name(Tarad Riel)! It just looks out for raids for us instead of acting as a stone-cold cop hot on the trail of criminals.

War boulder, you're a loose cannon! You're off the case!

Dark Season arrives, and with it, not much to do except enlarge shrines. We now have Lawspeaker and Literacy permanently active!

Then I let a bunch of hunters go back to farming so that they're not overhunting the wildlands. But I don't let all of them go since they're still better fighters than farmers are, on top of providing goods & food for us.

6 carls of your clan failed to return from a pilgrimage to the Tree Brother clan's temple of Uralda. A search party sent to find them has located them among the Taralings, who have clearly taken them as thralls. Members of the search party report that the Taralings were severely overworking the captured carls.

-Buy the carls' freedom back.
-Do nothing.
-Recapture the carls in a raid.
-Send for shamans to lay a curse on the Taralings.

We should recapture the carls.
A proper ransom would be 30 cows worth of goods, or even cows.
We can recapture the carls.
The carls will be most unhappy if we do not recover their fellows.
The Taralings were among the first to resettle this area. They have a reputation for being rough and somewhat crazy.
We should send for shamans to lay a curse on the Taralings.