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Part 295: Dwarfs Return

This will be the first time we've done Elmal Guards the Stead, so we'll do whatever goon whims demand we do when it's time.

One angry torch obtained.

Now that we can see our clan overview, we can see that Loricon has not aged well at all. If he's looking like that at age 30, what the hell will he look like at 55?

Minara gets to undertake the journey to Kero Fin for us.

And now for the surprise I mentioned at Sacred Time: We have a new trickster! It's too late for him to go on the ring to boost quest magic this year, so bearing that in mind: Do we put him on the ring, and if so, who do we replace?

Oh, and while we're deciding that, the game reminds us that the dwarfs are still angry at us for sending our last trickster at them.

Dwarfs come to the clan hall with demands. The leader reads from a document written in the peculiar script of the dwarfs: "RedRed5 require downforce. You big defect in World Machine in present. You want to fix defect, you hand over Moldy Book. No fix defect, big problem."

-Give the dwarfs what they want.
-Insist that they compensate you for the treasure.
-Kill the dwarfs.
-Lie and tell the dwarfs you don't have the Moldy Book.
-Tell them to leave and not come back.
-Offer thralls instead of the treasure.

Here are the only pieces of advice that we didn't see last time this happened:

Please don't think about giving these things thralls. (But Barngradus doesn't want to hand over the book his nerdy self worked so hard to get us to buy, either.)
The dwarfs are great enemies of the elves. Our choices are clear.