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Part 296: Elmal Guards The Stead 1

Heren posted:

Awesome that this thread is still going strong! Haifisch, I asked about the Hate Torch-like treasures in the KoDP thread and never got a straight answer, do you know what the actual mechanical effects are?
I honestly don't know either. My best guess is that it either boosts people with hate-ons for zombies/elves, it boosts people like Dorasa who are grumpy at everything, or it boosts Uroxi/Humakti since they loathe Chaos/the Undead.

Hey look, a newer, shinier, less moldy treasure that kills our ancestral enemies dead! We got 27 goods and a point of magic for this, too. Too bad we didn't give them what they wanted last time, when extra wealth and magic would have been much more useful to us(and when they were asking for an easily replaceable treasure).

The game calls this treasure the Necklace of Axes and it says it "helps those who hate the elves."

Barngradus gets booted off for the trickster, who coincidentally is second best at plants skill in the clan. Think of it as replacing Barntar's even-tempered, patient plant magic with Eurmal raining cow dung on us as a joke with the side benefit of fertilizing our crops.

Now it's Fire Season, and that means it's time for death!

Death in the form of Penterest dying 500 times as part of his heroquest, that is. Don't worry, he'll always knit himself back together! I hope

The tribe sends 80 worshippers to help, and we're in it to strengthen Penterest.

Orlanth leaves on his great quest, and Elmal remains to protect the stead against the forces of Chaos. The Eater of Skin, a chaos monstrosity, comes singing the Rending Song, which makes the people bleed.

-Blind it with your brightness.
-Leave the realm of the gods.
-Let it step on you, in order to gain leverage to throw it far away.
-Let it tear you apart.
-Protect yourself with Orlanth's shield.
-Sing a song of comforting valor.
-Thrust your spear into its eye.

The legends may be useful here.