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Part 303: Dragonewt Statue

Penterest returns to the land of mortals, his quest a successful one. Everyone said that Penterest would be hard to beat in combat now, and that he would know how to look at the world and truly understand its hidden magic.

That's great and all, but let's see Penterest's new stats!

His combat and magic both went up a rank; he's now second best at combat in the clan. If a third stat went up, it wasn't enough to be visible.

Minara gets to check out these funny-looking hills south of the dwarf valley.

We get the "someone tars and feathers a carl for the thoughtcrime of your clan liking the ducks" event againt, and I once again do the "convince her that the ducks hate the undead" thing.

Alas, it doesn't work.

I make up for it by getting Blast Earth. Why the hell did we not already have Blast Earth? Blast Earth lets us give a giant "fuck you" to our enemies by damaging their steads and ruining their crops.

The exploration mission to the northwest has returned. Alirene, one of the weaponthanes you sent on that mission, reports that the area is full of dragonewts. "We found one interesting place there. A temple of sorts. Had a silver statue of a dragon, with gems for eyes. It must be very valuable. Let's send a group there to steal it and bring it back."

-Compose a poem to commemorate Alirene's adventure.
-Forget the incident.
-Hire mercenaries to get the treasure for you.
-Send a party to steal the treasure. (specify if we send a small, medium, or large party)
-Tell another clan about this opportunity.

This is a chance to improve our relations with the Blue Jay clan.
A well-made poem will bring cheer to the warriors and increase our fame.
It is a tricky situation. The more men we send, the more likely the dragonewts are to discover them. But if the party is discovered, they will need many men to successfully fight the dragonewts.
We could trade such a statue for many cows.
Even if mercenaries manage to outwit and outfight the dragonewts, they'll simply take the treasure for themselves.
Only I can lead the party, for I am tricky enough to succeed.
This sounds like another way to pull farmers away from the harvest and lose them forever in some foreign place.