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Part 304: Fleeing Bride

Since Vandarl is now best on the ring at plants, he gets to give us all of the "this is what this year's harvest was like" messages. This is even more hilarious than the time when Harvar had to do that.

I sacrifice to the ancestors to see if there's still stuff left on the tula, and there is. We just never find it for some reason. Can't the ancestors give us a map of where all this shit is buried or something?

Elgane, a young woman of the Blue Jay clan, comes to you seeking refufe. "My father, Orldag, chief of the Blue Jays, insists that I marry a man that dishonored me. I am not so foolish as to demand that I choose my husband, but I will not wed a man that should be outlawed. Will you protect me from this unjust marriage?"

-Adopt her into your clan.
-Offer to marry her to one of your high-ranking young men.
-Offer to marry her to one of your young men, though not one of noble rank.
-Send her on her way.
-Take her back to her father.

Her clan will be slighted if we aid her, and obligated to us if we return her to them.
The girl is right. The fact that her suitor has dishonored her outweighs her clan's rights to choose her groom.
If it comes to a feud, we can beat them.
If she is of high rank, she deserves a groom of equal rank.
The Blue Jay clan is prosperous; it would be bad to jeopardize our chances of trading with them.
There is something behind that girl's eyes that I quite admire.
Heinvar Humaktskin dishonored the daughter of Advast Hard-Mouth. To avoid a feud, he married the girl to Humaktskin, and thereby caused a worse feud with clan Damasti, which sheltered her. (This means "send her back to the Blue Jays)