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Part 305: Consequences

Bah. They hate us anyway.

This isn't what I was aiming for; I was hoping for Summons of Evil. Protection defends against hostile spirits, which would be more useful if other clans sent them your way more often.

Then Storm Season comes, and it's time to pound the Vostangi.

Jarolor, what are you doing there. You are a trader. Stop it.

He does have Very Good combat, so he'll probably be oka-

Well shit.

We won, but at what cost? How are we supposed to calculate costs without Jarolor around to do his trade-bargaining-money things? HOW? (The captives get taken as thralls, because fuck you, Vostangi.)

Rastorlanth, a thane of the Blue Jays, comes to make a legal claim against us. He demands the return of Elgane, a young woman of his clan you have given refuge to.

-"She is one of ours now. You have no claim on her."
-"We will arm-wrestle to see which clan she belongs to."
-"We shall keep her, but will negotiate compensation."
-"Your case is strong. You may take her back with you."
-"She is married now. It is a done thing, and you must forget her."

They were once well-disposed towards us. We must find a peaceful solution to this problem. (Penterest's idea of a peaceful solution is ARM WRASSLIN)
She was legally married to one of our young men. They cannot legally take her from us now.
Pay no heed to Rastorlanth's threats. We can beat them on the field of battle.
In the time of Vingkot, the Idevlings and the Kikotlings went to war over a woman. She turned out to be a troublemaker who wished them both ill.
The Blue Jays are enjoying the opportunity to take offense.
Offer them at least ten cows. (If Jarolor was still here, we could get an even better idea of how many cows to offer them. )