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Part 306: Raids

That was simple.

Did we do something to these guys that I forgot about? That's twice they've raided us in recent memory.

Too bad Harvar can't get every combat event.

More horses for the pile.

Remember this ugly guy? He's back with the exact same request as last time - give him magic to aid in his heroquest. But we actually have magic now(come to think of it, we apparently got more during that raid. I guess that was Orlanth's blessing?), so he might not be convinced by the "weak magic. Go away." we gave him last time. So I try a different tactic while maintaing the gooncestral tradition of not helping him out.

Our ring members aren't having very good luck with the whole "not getting maimed" thing lately. I'm starting to wonder in what way this guy is a dick if you decide to help him out. I'm betting he fails utterly, wasting whatever magic he took.

And then the Vostangi come to sue for peace again. Will the events ever stop before I get a chance to try reviving Jarolor and/or rearranging the ring?

I skip directly to asking for max tribute since goons go for that every time anyway, and the Vostangi...hire themselves as mercenaries? How does that even work? Are they worshipping the chaos gods over there and breaking reality?

Good news! We can try to resurrect Jarolor! Too bad Harvar's injured; I'd love to see his comments on reviving the dead. I throw 50 goods at Chalana Arroy since we have a huge surplus anyway, and we might as well go all-out for this.

Horrah! This apparently burnt up a point of magic, but we have a shitload anyway.

Why are we being attacked by everyone but the clans we've been nastiest towards? We're not even that weak anymore!

Our nobles continue to go through a meat grinder.

Well, this should please the people who were going "we have too many people! Get them all killed in raids!"

What the fuck. Is everyone mad that we were too busy questing in Fire season for them to raid us? Is that it? Or did they hear that Harvar was injured, and rushed in for their only chance in hell at beating us?

Penterest gets through this without getting injured or dying, at least.

That was an eventful season, but I get a breather with the coming of Sacred Time.

Since Jarolor isn't automatically put back on the ring, we can't use full trade magic this year(we're also penalized in the amount of magic we got, but we had a huge stockpile so it's not really noticable). And Brandgor is injured, so we can't put full magic into diplomacy either.

We also get an omen encouraging us to do something with our free time except exploring for a change.

What are our goals for this year? Other than healing the giant pile of wounded people we just got, that is.