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Part 307: Vengeful Widows

This gave us an extra point of magic. Always useful.

And before I get to do anything(like, say, put Jarolor back on the ring), another event appears!

Angry widows confront the clan ring, the death rune smeared in ash on their foreheads. Their husbands were slain when the Orlevings last raided you. Led by the uncompromising Askula, the women reproach you for allowing these deaths to go unavenged.

-Explain that you're trying to keep the clan from being dragged into a feud.
-Offer to pay compensation.
-Organize a raid against the killers.
-Tell them they're free to get anyone willing to help them.
-Try to convince them to let go of hatred and live for their children.

The most vocal of our people cry for blood, but most are secretly afraid of sustaining further losses.
(still injured from being thrown through a wall)
We could end up with many more unhappy widows with an ill-advised adventure against the Orlevings. (This means "literally anything but raiding the Orlevings or letting the women gather whoever's willing to help them")
Do not disregard their words because they are women! Askula's influence is strong.
I have nothing to add.
Although the widows have a right to seek vengeance, the clan is not obligated to support their quest.