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Part 308: Trader Slander

Time for plan b!

And thus, the women of the clan were happy aga-

Oh come on.

And thus, the women of the clan were actually happy again.

Jarolor finally gets back to his rightful place on the ring.

Then I made a huge sacrifice to heal-bomb our wounded.

Orkarla, a trader of the Woodpecker clan, comes to your tula in an effort to restore her reputation. "It pains me to even speak of this matter, but there is another trader, Bragbane of the Wolf clan, who has been spreading the most outrageous lies about me. He says that I encourage the brides of other clans to engage in adultery, shaming Ernalda. I have come to assure you that I have done no such thing, and to warn you that Bragbane will lie about you, too, if it suits his purpose."

-Closely question Orkarla, to see if she is telling the truth.
-Listen to her, but promise nothing.
-Promise to be wary of Bragbane.
-Send a party to beat some sense into perfidious Bragbane.
-"Bragbane speaks true! You are a villainess!"

We are allied with Bragbane's clan; his foes are our foes.
Let me question her; I will determine the truth.
We are stronger than Bragbane's clan, and can beat their traders with impunity.
Each clan sanctions its traders to do business on behalf of the clan ring; each trader serves as an emissary for his clan.
Bragbane is well-respected as an honest trader. It is Orkarla who engages in slander here.
This isn't going to cost us anything, is it?
The people distrust Orkarla, and want to see her scolded.