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Part 309: Kingmakers 1

I'm sure this will never come back to haunt us ever.

Fire season rolls around, and I go for a slightly different approach with the Vostangi. Seizing land from another clan is difficult, but land is also the most valuable resource in the game since it lets your clan hold more people, crops, and cows.

Harvar: Still kicking ass at age 64.

We even got the land we wanted. We also got 5 magic from the battle, although I'm not sure if it was from the the land-seizing or from Harvar kicking ass.

I promptly blow some of our spare magic on steamrolling the Blue Jays harder.

I also add to the mountain of goods we'll be throwing at people come diplomacy time.

Oh, when the game said "the Vostangi gathered everything they could and left their tula" earlier, it meant they left their entire tula(which we own now). But they just moved to the other side of us, so don't worry, we can still kick their asses without paying tolls to other clans.

Alas, we can't absorb their new tula, but we can still take their people captive!

Harvar is not our clan's only asskicker. He's just the best one.

What are we even going to do with all the wealth we're getting? At this rate, we won't even be able to give it all away faster than we take it.

Chalana Arroy priestesses roll by, and I have them heal everyone because why not. Good god, we have has many goods as some clans have cows. Remember when we were a ragged, poor clan recovering from a chaos beast that ate all but one of our weaponthanes?

The game apparently sensed that the only thing holding us back from being kings was the fact that our tribe already had one, and dealt with him accordingly.

King nomination time! The two candidates that aren't us are Frithorf of the Six Brothers - who has a reputation for gullibility(and who also has an awkward name to pronounce)- and Umathkar, of the Wildcats - who is famed for her accomplishments as a warrior(and who may or may not be Queen Angry reincarnated).

-Let's make Penterest king already!
-Nah, let's twiddle our thumbs some more. Sure, all the other clans in our tribe like us, we're ridiculously wealthy, and Penterest is a solid leader, but I just don't like the word "king."

I may only be holding a vote as an excuse to break this update up a bit, and so that we can see what the ring says when your clan is truly ready to make a king.

I want the throne, deserve it, and we can afford it. Nominate me.
We are quite well-off; we can prove our worth if we wish to claim the throne.
Let me speak for our chosen candidate! I will tell them the one about Lhankor Mhy and the sheep.
When Heort was made king, the dead plants lived again, for one day.