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King of Dragon Pass

by Haifisch

Part 310: Kingmakers 2

Let's do this thing!

Come, gaze at our incredible generosity!

Hear the war-whoops of our warriors!

Listen to the legal technicalities explained by our lawspeaker!

Penterest is king now, but he still has to successfully complete the rites of kingship if he is to rule. What do we do now?

-Kick back and party with thanes of other clans.
-Kick back and party with members of our own clan that have done good work.
-Lend magic to help Penterest not die.
-Sacrifice to the gods to help Penterest not die.

In sacrifices, be generous to the gods, for it will be worse to have their ill-will than not to call on them at all.
Our relations with the other clans are strong. We can afford to turn our attentions elsewhere.
Strengthen our bonds with our allies, so that they do not become our foes.
Let us give magic, not cows.
It is easier for kings who inherit the rites than for the one who invents them.
Put me in charge of the feasting!
It is the gods who truly choose kings.