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Part 311: Magic Scarf

tonberrytoby posted:

It will be a magic moment.
Shouldn't there be an option to add to the tribal regalia here?
That option only exists for the first king of the tribe. The rest all assume the regalia was good enough, I guess.

Penterest gets a swanky new rune to signify his new kingship:

Bad news about the Vostangi: Although parts of their new borders touch ours and seriously they're right there, they don't count as a nearby clan anymore. This means we can't take their land. I guess we'll just have to beat them up every other way instead.

Ashart gets to go treasure-shopping this season.

And Koreng goes off to deliver a gift basket to the Jenestni as the beginning of Operation Friendly Neighbors.

The Blackrocks are willing to sell the Scarf of Seven Runes, described as "a magic scarf that helps us when we heroquest to the Lightbringers."

-Buy it! (specify how many goods/cows, or else I'm just going to throw a bunch at them)