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Part 313: Upstart Rising

We now have a meatgrinder to throw female nobles into.

Everyone is eating well this year, it seems.

And then we get an event that I've been expecting for decades!

A number of the clan's leading women approach the ring. Their leader, Aransanda, has a litany of complaints. "Ever since Penterest became chief," Aransanda says, "our reputation has suffered. Our friends the Wolves compare us unfavorably to their livestock. The Vostangi send curses that sour our milk and make our bread taste like straw. At home, things are no better. The spirits of our ancestors are slow to answer us. It's time we had a new chief."

-Dispute their allegations.
-Do nothing.
-Remind them of their duty to follow chosen leaders.
-Request Penterest's resignation.
-"Who put you up to this, Aransanda?"

Sadly, saying "he just become the goddamned KING OF THE TRIBE" is not an option here.

This is not just a challenge against me, it's a challenge to the entire ring.
If we replaced our chief every time anyone had a complaint, we would be doing nothing but holding elections. Penterest was made chief according to the laws of our clan, and should remain chief until he breaks them.
At least we won our last battle. Penterest's luck has not deserted him.
I hate to say it, but Aransanda has some good points.
They're not interested in anything less than Penterest's resignation.
Our ancestral spirits never answer me, and I talk to them all the time.
The carls have no particular complaints about Penterest.

(and for the person who keeps asking about the political map: I'm going to post it, the game just keeps throwing events at me before I can even look at it)