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Part 314: Priests VS Tricksters

Here's the diplomatic situation of the pass. Clans that are neutral towards us(dark purple) can randomly degrade to pink(dislikes us), so that explains why so many people dislike us for no apparent reason - we've mostly paid attention to the clans around us.

I enlarge our shrine to Humakt, because more raid power is always good.

Summons of Evil calls our ancestral enemies to us, so we can use it to finally get the elves to notice us.

Two clans of your tribe bring a dispute before the king for abjudication, in hopes of avoiding an expensive case before a full tribal moot. Priests from the Six Brothers clan accuse the Orlundi clan of using trickster magic against them. They say that Malia, the disease goddess, visisted a plague upon the Orlundi, and that Orlundi Eurmalis then enacted a ritual to pass the plague onto the blameless Six Brothers people. They want fifty cows in compensation, and also want to see the tricksters beaten by their chief.

-Closely question the priests and tricksters.
-Conduct a divination.
-Find in favor of the Orlundi tricksters.
-Find in favor of the Six Brothers priests.
-Penalize both parties.
-Tell them to take the matter to a full moot.

I love hearing one side, then the other, then hearing what the gods have to say.
Allow me to cross-examine each party to the dispute. I can ferret out the truth of the matter.
The Six Brothers are more discontented with the tribe than the Orlundi; we must recapture their favor by siding with them.
Eurmal's magic is sometimes useful, but often has unintended consequences.
If we rule in favor of the tricksters, they will give us a gift of magic.
Do not trust those mingy priests.
Our magic is strong; it will guide the spirits of our ancestors to find the truth of this matter.