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Part 316: Saraska

The most popular goal of the quest voting was strengthening Penterest somehow with one of Orlanth's quests. This means we have until Storm season to decide which one, although Orlanth and Aroka has the obvious advantage of counting towards the "do seven quests to get to the endgame" requirement.

We start the year off by continuing Operation: Make People Like Us So They Stop Raiding Us.

Jarolor is doing double duty! The traitor! (I always thought the game tried to avoid giving the names of your current nobles to random people in events, but I guess I was wrong!)

Anyway, our nobles know four things about Randan, so I go for telling Fake Jarolor what he wants to know.

Penterest and Tarkala agree that Randan is generous, so this one was easy. Fake Jarolor is so pleased that he gives us 5 goods.

The wheel of bribing people into liking us must continue turning.

Our Issarites continue to get drunk off the diplomacy dime.

I make whatshisface happy by raiding the Blue Jays for a change. I forgot to take a screenshot of the actual raid screen, but that info is mostly redundant anyway. More importantly, Jarolor does not seem to have learned his lesson about getting his ass killed in raids.

I would have taken bolder action, but I really don't want to have to resurrect Jarolor again.

We won anyway, and Harvar reminds us that Derik exists.

This event again!

I use the event as an excuse to adjust patrol numbers while making a Storm Bull happy.

And now we can beat up our traditional foes!

Goddammit Jarolor.

Okay, fine, fight. Just don't die again, you hear me!

More loot for the pile.

A woman whose insignia correspond to no local clan comes to you with a proposal. "I am Saraska Bright-Eyes, and it has been prophesied that I will unite the tribes and make this the land called Saraska. I will be Queen of the Kings, the Peaceful Hero, the Great Uniter. I know that your people helped make a tribe when there were only clans, so I know seek your aid in making a kingdom where there are only tribes." She concludes with an impromptu ritual asking the gods to favor us and her plan.

-Conduct a divination.
-Receive her politely, but promise nothing.
-"Come back when you've won the support of the other clans."
-Agree to speak to the queen of the Torkani on her behalf.

I would like to believe this is the woman in thar odd prophecy we heard once. Perform a divination first, then hear her out.
What she suggests is contrary to local tradition. But all traditions were innovations, once.
Let us see how she attempts to make a kingdom - we can always take over after her.
Our ancestors once served loyally under a king who was an immortal troll. (Okay, can someone effortpost saying if this is true or not, because I don't remember hearing any noble say this before.)
Saraska is sincere. But there is something amiss about her.
We can't trust this woman.
Our magic is strong and our god-talkers are wise. They will find the truth.