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Part 317: Trespassers

I'm going to take the advice of our trader and our trickster and be polite to her until she wanders off somewhere.

The Vostangi sue for peace again, I demand maximum tribute again, and they continue their odd tradition of hiring themselves as mercenaries.

More diplomacy. I just noticed that you have the option of sending a treasure along with your diplomat. Has anyone ever been so desperate to make friends with someone in their game that they spent a treasure to do it?

Some of your patrolling warriors have surprised a pair of hunters from a neighboring clan, the Jenestni. The warriors bring the trespassers to the clan hall, so that you may pass judgment on them.

-Drive them off.
-Initiate legal action.
-Kill them.
-Offer to sell them hunting rights on your land.
-Treat them as guests.

The Bad Emperor was unjust to Orlanth when Orlanth took a few small birds from his garden. Orlanth was thus compelled to slay him. (That means "do anything but kill them")
They are in the wrong, but their offense is not serious. We must not be too harsh.
Forgiveness is overrated. (That means "kill them.")
The small game they have taken is no great loss to us.
Is justice so important that we must injure ourselves by ignoring an opportunity to profit?
Let's consider this a license to hunt on their lands whenever we feel like it.
Mercy is the food of the soul.