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Part 318: Outlaw Warrior

SlothfulCobra posted:

Haifisch, who would probably make the best replacement for Harvar once he kicks the bucket, and how good are Jarolor's stats right now?
Penterest is currently the best replacement for Harvar. Second best is Oranda, the Odayla lady whose stats I posted at Sacred Time.

We get 8 goods for this. Horray?

Varmand gets an all expenses paid trip to the north. Perhaps now we shall find the fabled troll traders?

Mo money mo friends.

Oh dear. How will we ever handle this with our food stockpile being as gigantic as it is?

I take care of this year's omen. Tracking "helps us find things" in a rather vague way.

Ashart introduces the ring members to Orlkensor Bronzebones, a warrior of the Undaroli clan. Orlkensor has been outlawed by Sartar. Ashart says that he knows Orlkensor well. "Orlkensor doesn't want to say why he was outlawed, but he is a true and just fellow, so the ruling must be political. We should take him in."

-Demand that he explain why he was outlawed.
-Find another clan to take him in.
-Give him quarters in Ashart's stead.
-Give him quarters in the chief's hall.
-Refuse him.

We can always use an extra weaponthane. (But Penterest doesn't want the guy in his stead.)
People sometimes get outlawed for no good reason. Orlkensor probably offended his chieftain.
Orlkensor carries himself as a true warrior. The weaponthanes will not be offended if he is treated well. Or, on the other hand, if he is treated better than they. (But he still only supports giving him quarters in Ashart's stead.)
When Oskul the Brave slew the seven Weeping Nights, he aroused the jealousy of Bad King Urgain, who then outlawed him.
He will not bring trouble, but his enemies will.
He can't be trusted. He means to harm us, somehow.
When we act in a kindly manner, we earn the love and honor of the goddess Chalana Arroy.