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Part 319: Elf Summoning

Loricon, no! You're not supposed to double-dip in what thing you irrationally hate! (Or rationally, since in this case the elves are our ancestral foes).

Also, I'm summoning evil so that we don't go an entire LP without ever seeing our ancient enemy.

Our explorers to the north have been a rousing success! Although I don't get to see what relics they found, because the elves noticed our magical middle finger.

One of your carls, Kenstrel, was injured by an arrow while helping to clear a forested patch of the tula. Neither he nor his companions saw his assailant; although they were sober and alert. The arrow is simpler than those used by your people. It's crafted from a single piece of wood, and unusually sharp. Apart from tending to Kenstrel's wounds, what do you do?

-Perform a curse-lifting spell on Kenstrel.
-Perform a ritual of divination to identify the assailant.
-Sacrifice to the gods for protection from unseen foes.
-Send a war party out to search for the assailant.
-Step up patrols.

We should perform a divination. (Because this is CLEARLY not the result of the magical elf-summoning ritual we just performed.)
I can't give good advice without knowing more of our foe. (Seriously guys, can't you identify cause and effect?)
The attacker is no ordinary foe, for our patrols are excellent, and he eluded them as if they were nothing. (It's almost as if they're some sort of stealthy elf or something.)
The carls are afraid to go near the woods.
It's hard to make peace with an enemy who shoots before he talks.
I have nothing to add.
Their stealth in the forest, the type of the arrow - these are important clues. (I'm imagining Loricon saying this in his most sarcastic voice after Penterest and Brandgor go "gee guys, we have NO IDEA who could have done this! Let's perform a divination!")