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Part 320: Penterest and Aroka

Vil posted:

Funny you should bring this up. Here are some discoveries about stats and GodLARP strengthen-the-quester stat gains...
You are truly a filthy God-Learner great hero of Lhankor Mhy. And here I thought that the game was so bizarrely coded and impenetrable that it was impossible to get any hard numbers for anything it didn't explicitly show hard numbers for. Interesting how the best quests for magic are the second most dangerous quest(Elmal Guards the Stead is hard, but at least his followers tend to be good at the stat his quest checks ) and what's probably the least dangerous quest. It's also fitting that Lhankor Mhy's quest is the one that boosts knowledge in every area. Are you planning on posting this in the Games KODP thread too? This shit's too good to be hidden here!

...anyway, update!

Hmm, gee, this is a difficult queOF COURSE WE'RE ATTACKING THEM.

We got two points of magic from this, and the game finally acknowledges where this event came from. Still funny that Penterest, Harvar, and Brandgor were too dumb to put two and two together.

It's heroquest time! While I was on the nobles screen selecting Penterest for the quest, I noticed that this new guy popped up. He's got an impressive beard for an 18 year old, and not much else.

Anyway, time to buff Penterest up some more. I like the touch of that rune-covered rock you see on all the clan screens being an actual thing on your tula, according to this art.

This quest kind of sucks to speedrun because so many of the choices don't give dialog boxes in response. But we've seen what happens anyway, so eh.

Penterest came out wounded, which sucks since that apparently nerfs the Combat increase he got by quite a bit. But at least he came out alive!

Another example of great art in this game: That terrified duck(?) in the art below, which is normally hidden by the dialogue box. Not quite as great as that one piece where there's a vampire hidden by the box, but it'll do.

A warrior of Urox from the Undaroli appears in a rage, demanding that Orlkensor Bronzebones, the outlaw you took in last season, come out to fight him. "You have besmirched my honor, and must pay with your life," the Uroxi cries. Orlkensor is in your clan hall. He refuses to confront the man. "I have sworn a sacred vow to Ernalda that I will not harm him. And if we fight, one of us will surely die."

-Ask Orlkensor why the Uroxi seeks him.
-Ask the Uroxi why his honor is besmirched.
-Demand that Orlkenso fight the Uroxi.
-Suggest that they resolve their differences peacefully.
-Use force to drive the Uroxi off.

(Injured. You know, it seems kind of silly to me that ringmembers can't give advice because of that. Just send someone to ask their opinion while they're lying in bed or whatever. Their advice is valuable enough to be worth it!)
Uh-oh. Make sure he doesn't...wait, don't let him...
If we offend the Uroxi, we could have trouble with all of the Storm Bulls in Dragon Pass. (This is apparently enough for Harvar to suggest a peaceful solution for once.)
We must find the peaceful way.
Neither man is about to waver.
Whew. For a second there, I thought he was after me.
The feud between the Alkanar and Red Hay clans began with a personal dispute between two thanes.