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Part 321: Thadart Again

Well, all of this was very productive.

The only option left doesn't accomplish much, but at least it lets us get out of the event for now. Well, now we can go to Sacred Time and...

But wait! This isn't the only event chain continuing this Storm season!

Thadart, the warrior of your clan whose visage was made monstrous by the alien god of the Tusk Riders, comes before the clan ring, demanding redress of a grievance. "I am dishonored in my own clan. I am constantly insulted, whispered about, and treated as some kind of outlaw or foreigner. On our last raid, no one would turn their backs to me. When I was cut off by the Vostang weaponthanes, no one came to my aid. You welcomed me here, but the others have done everything they can to drive me from the home of my birth. I do not wish to fight those of my own clan, although they dishonor me. I instead demand that you reproach them for their misbehavior, so that they will correct it."

-Give him gifts.
-Persuade him to be more understanding of the others' fears.
-Persuade the people to treat him with greater respect.
-Reproach the people for dishonoring him.
-"You are lucky we let you live here at all."

(still injured!)
If we reproach the others, he will consider his honor satisfied, even if their response is bad.
He's right, the weaponthanes didn't support him during our raid on the Vostangi.
If we give him gifts, the others will be jealous.
He must be made to understand that the others treat him badly out of fear.
We have the right to reproach our own people.
We can't make anyone do anything.