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Part 322: Saraska Returns 1

Ale solves every problem.

But wait! There's more!

Fedarkos, king of the Colymar, comes to your tribal moot. Accompanying him is Saraska Bright-Eyes, the woman who says that prophecies make her the future queen of a great Orlanthi nation in Dragon Pass.

-Give gifts to other clans; warn them against Fedarkos and Saraska.
-Let it be known that you are willing to receive gifts from Fedarkos.
-Take him aside and warn him against Saraska Bright-Eyes.
-Take Saraska aside and warn her against Fedarkos.
-Forbid him to address the moot.
-Wait and see what happens.

(Hell of a time for the tribal king to be injured, isn't it?)
Fedarkos has no right to address the moot.
Our position within the tribe is weak. If we wish to have an influence, we must first give gifts.
If we make the wrong decision, we could gain the enmity of the Colymar, and lose the respect of our own tribemates.
Fedarkos sees Saraska as a means to power. He is flattering her, and Saraska is drunk on her dreams of a kingdom.
The other clans hate us, so we should argue the opposite of what we truly want to happen.
Fedarkos has no certain right to address the moot. Our king can grant him the right, however.