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Part 325: Derik Singlepath


Some chunk of code said I should establish more trade routes, and who am I to argue with it?

I also see about bringing us closer together with our tribemates. At best, we gain an ally. At worst, they like us more for giving them free stuff.

Derik, whose family was slain by the Sable Riders, is now a man. He is a promising warrior, to say the least. But the older weaponthanes call him "Derik Single-Path," because he is headstrong and follows his own way. He talks only of vengeance on the Praxians. He is rude to his elders, and prone to disappearing for long periods of time. "He is an asset to the clan," says Harvar, "but a troublesome one."

-Do nothing.
-Praise Derik's pride and stubborness.
-Scold Derik for his pride and stubborness.
-Send Derik on a raid against Sable Riders.
-Tell the weaponthanes to let him be.

The weaponthanes are forgetting what it is like to be young. Also, they lack Derik's passion for vengeance.
Pride is an Orlanthi virtue.
Derik is young, but determined and skillful. He is ready to lead; his hatred of the Sable Riders will assure success.
After his initiation, Orlanth was not content with the way that things were. He felt that he too deserved part of the leadership of the world, but his desires were refused by the Emperor.
The complaints of the weaponthanes are not serious.
Condemn his pride and stubborness! Next thing you know, young Orlanthi will become rebellious and violent!
Why are we troubling ourselves with weaponthane squabbles during Sea season?