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Part 326: Orlkensor Slain

The number of available weaponthanes went down by one to account for Derik being one. Attention to detail. I know from experience that Derik is gone for a bit, so I don't send all the weaponthanes with him.

Fucking wizard bandits.

Koreng doesn't get any hassle, at least. He says that the Squat Oak chief thinks generosity is good so I go with that answer even though it's kind of silly. "We're ridiculously wealthy! You must be generous and help us in our time of need!"

Although both caravans have brought their weaponthanes back, it's still not enough for defensive purposes. Time to get more!

This might be relevant if we ever interacted with other tribes on an actual tribal scale.

Just what we needed, more goods to throw at people!

Let's see how wildly successful this cattle raid is.

It was average. But a guaranteed successful cattle raid is better than nothing.

Your carls find the body of one of your warriors face-down in a creek deep within your tula. It is Orlkensor, who you adopted after he was outlawed by the Undaroli. He was savagely beaten, and his skull was crushed. His sword lies by his side, and it is clean of blood.

-Declare a time of mourning.
-Perform a divination.
-Sacrifice to the gods in Orlkensor's memory.
-Seek his killer in another clan.
-Seek his killer within the clan.

When Tragic King Errath was found beaten to death, everyone suspected kinslaying, although nothing was proven.
The most obvious suspect is the Uroxi warrior who Orlkensor refused to duel. The Uroxi's garb marked him as a member of clan Undaroli.
Our magic is strong. Our god-talkers will correctly interpret the signs.
We should speed his spirit to the halls of the dead.
It's probably someone from the clan that outlawed him.
It is someone from the Vostangi.
The most obvious suspect is the Uroxi warrior who Orlkensor refused to duel.